Download Speeds. Bah, humbug!

Ten year ago I never gave a thought to download speeds. I’m not sure I even knew what they were. Now I know more than I want to, and the bottom line is mine suck.

We have Verizon DSL which in the past has seemed okay. We live in a rural area of the Eastern Shore of Maryland and DSL was better than the dial-up I had when we first got on line with email.

Our download speeds seem to have gotten slower and slower over the last six months and I finally had our Staples tech guy, Travis, out to take a look yesterday. I thought it might be our router, my computer, something I’d done to the mechanics of my set-up. Why I would even think it might be something I had done is a whole other blog post. When I was in therapy years ago, I actually did figure out why I “rush to guilt”, but knowing and not going there don’t always mesh.

Anyway, Travis checked everything out and the problem is the incredibly slow dsl. 2.5 megabits per second. He said it should be at least 25 megabits per second. I had Verizon on the phone to talk to Travis while he was here and they were totally unhelpful. Their tech person didn’t seem to know the difference between megabits and megabytes. The final conclusion was that’s the best I can expect because of where I live.

I wouldn’t have worried about it so much except that I’m responsible for the Bay to Ocean Writers Conference website and most days can’t get on Homestead to fix it. The other afternoon, by some fluke, I was able to get on and make most of the needed changes to the website. As dinner hour approached, I told my husband it was a YOYO night (You’re On Your Own). I knew if I logged off, I might not be able to get back on for a week. Then at the end I got a message that my changes couldn’t be saved. I opened a bottle of wine.

However, the next time I was able to get on, the changes were still there. I am grateful for small and large miracles. This was a big one.

I have been checking options. I have two. Cable (Atlantic Broadband) or a hotspot. I’m probably going to give Atlantic Broadband a try since there is no contract and no caps on downloads. If that doesn’t resolve the problem, I may try a hotspot. Or move to Easton where Travis tells me Easton Utilities has good internet connection service.

None of these problems were on my radar fifteen years ago. Has my life improved? As a writer,  having Google to use for research is incredible, but spiking my blood pressure may not be a good trade, so I called Atlantic Broadband and they will send somebody out to see if we can get hooked up. Just internet. Not doing phone or cable with them. They got lousy reviews when I googled them.

4 thoughts on “Download Speeds. Bah, humbug!

  1. I feel for you. We’re forced into a world where speed matters and so often that leaves us feeling edgy and anxious. I HATE this computer yet I acknowledge how much it has done for me. Good luck with that broadband connection (and even better luck with updating the back end of a website!!)


  2. I have Broadband coming out to see if we can get hooked up. In the meantime I may have to go to the library or some other place with a hotspot and see if I can get the last of the changes made.


  3. I have Atlantic and the speed is better than what you have with Verizon, still not perfect> My son down at NC State called to tell me he didn’t realize how bad our internet connection was until he moved to Raleigh. Apparently the Internet connectivity solution is to move to a major university hub.


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