Protect Your Writing

It’s worth protecting your ideas. We’ve done that so I’ll share the log line for the Christmas movie script that is writing itself: A celebrity PR “reputation manager” is arrested and must answer children’s letters to Santa as her community service.

When this script was in the germination phase we went online to look for background. We knew that there must be people who clean up fubar messes – when Charlie Sheen goes on a bender or Bieber eggs his neighbor’s mansion or Lindsey Lohan does yet another Lohan.Turns out there are lots of celebrity cleaning crews. One site even rank ordered them.

Did you know that the TV show Scandal is based on an actual DC reputation manager, Judy Smith? If life imitates art (and you’ve watched that show) you have to wonder what really goes on behind the scenes in DC.

We had started working on a Christmas movie about wine country, but this reputation manager idea was just too much fun and we decided to run with it. Yesterday we could only write for an hour. Three more pages. It all adds up.

Both of these ideas, the log lines and the titles have been registered with the Writer’s Guild of America East. Laura’s a member so it’s only $10 to register scripts in both our names. It’s $17 for students with ID and $25 for non-members. The cost is well worth worth protecting your idea.







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