Writing and Knitting

These are the twelve children’s sweaters I knit last year. One of my New Year’s resolutions was to get them boxed up and sent off to World Vision’s Knit for Kids program. Last year people knitted and crocheted 53,728 sweaters, hats and blankets which were given to children living in poverty. These will go in the 2014 count.


When Laura and I are working on a script, she is the one who is typing it into her computer. Several years ago I decided I could knit while we were working.

These sweaters are very simple and require no counting of rows or stitches.  Essentially just a back and a front that have to be sewn together. My problem is that I don’t like the sewing together part so I tend to put the pieces aside and go on to the next sweater. Eventually I had such a pile I had to force myself to stop knitting and start sewing. Then the sweaters lived in my office for months until I finally packed them up a few days after Christmas and trekked to the post office. Only then did I allow myself to cast on a new sweater.

sweater new

Last week we started rewriting The Santa Diaries script. The original script had a male as the primary character because that’s the way the play was written. Not one of those Christmas movies we watched over the holidays had a male as the lead. A couple had a male and a female as dual main characters. If none of the movies that are being sold and made have a male lead, do we really want to try to change that format? So our rewrite started at the very beginning with new scenes and a couple of new characters. And I started knitting again. I predict that there will be several sweaters to be sewn together before we finish this script rewrite.

10 thoughts on “Writing and Knitting

  1. Cool! Eager to see where you go with the script rewrite. And excited about the Knit for Kids program — we’ve been on a knitting/ crocheting binge here, and trying to think of places we could donate the hats and such to. Here we go! 🙂


    • I would love a kids pattern that didn’t need sewing. I think I’ll email Knits for Kids and suggest it. There have to be other people like us who hate the sewing it together part.


  2. Aren’t you forgetting Tim Allen’s successful “The Santa Clause” movies? He made three! What about “It’s A Wonderful Life”? Yes, there’s Donna Reed, and she’s adorable, but it’s Jimmy Stewart’s movie every step of the way. Lots of guy leads in Christmas movies – Bill Murry in “Scrooged”, Billy Joe Thornton in “Bad Santa” for a few more. Apparently Hallmark and Lifetime channels aren’t digging the male lead in a Christmas movie, but they are out there and popular. BTW cleaning out my yarn stash in preparation for the move in April, do you use DK weight in acrylic? I might have some, shall I look?


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