Today We Didn’t Do the Squirrel Thing

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Laura signed up for something called InkTipPro. It allows her to see what various production companies are looking for in terms of TV and movie scripts. Last week a huge Italian company was looking for a half hour comedy series with a plus size female lead. She thought with a few tweaks a script we had written two years ago might work. We tweaked, she sent off the log line and within 24 hours the Italians had requested the script. We’ll see what happens.

A few days later there was a posting about an hour long procedural. Hey, we wrote one of those, too…about a robotics R & D company. This time they didn’t want just the log line, but the synopsis of the pilot and six more episodes and the bible. We had everything but the bible so we set to work. The bible gives more in depth back stories for the main characters, what they want, where they fit in the series, etc.

When Laura arrived yesterday she told me she had heard an ad on NPR for a huge robotics convention in DC. “We should go,” she said, handing me a print out from her computer.

“This is just for industry professionals,” I said after taking a look.

“No problem,” she said, “my company does DOD work. I can get us in. We missed the early registration so the price is now $299 per person.”

“When is this convention?” I asked.

“Monday,” she said. “Three days from now.”

After thinking about this, I called Laura this morning and said, “I don’t think we should go to this convention. We are only tweaking the robotics script because we are in between projects. We need to stay focused. This feels like a squirrel thing.”

Laura laughed. “I just sent you an email. Read it.”

I was at my desk and pulled up the email. In it Laura said she thought we should pass on the robotics convention, that it felt like a squirrel thing.”

It’s so great when we are both on the same page. Today we didn’t act like squirrels. I am very proud of us.

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