Sex Is in the Heel

I love Broadway. This week I was in NYC for a few days and got tickets to go back and see Kinky Boots for the second time. It was just as spectacular as the first.This link has a YouTube video of some of the show. The audience was on its feet for the curtain call; I suspect that happens every night. Billy Porter as the drag queen diva, Lola, was outstanding. Porter  was an ensemble member of Miss Saigon 22 years ago, (using the name E.Ellis Porter). Maybe I saw him when I saw that show on Broadway. More recently he appeared in Topdog/Underdog (2002). A versatile actor!

The play is based on real events in  made into a 2005 British film by Julian Jarrold and the film is available on Amazon and Netflicks. It will go into the queue.

“Sex Is in the Heels” was one of the rousing songs in the show and I did notice that people in NYC do wear some interesting footwear. I couldn’t help but take photos of shoes I saw in a store window. Do people really buy these shoes? Wear them?

IMG_1790Perfect for me when I’m gardening.IMG_1791Are these the heels you wear when you’re  desperately in need of a pedicure?

This time I was able to better appreciate the imaginative sets.  Stage level was the factory floor where shoes were made. A moveable “second” floor held the factory office, accessible by stairs. The office section could be turned so the bottom part of it was another section used for one brief scene. Many scene changes were accomplished by the actors on the stage, who also moved conveyer belts that featured in some of the most imaginative choreography I’ve seen. The exterior walls of the factory were raised and lowered as needed. All this enhanced by expert lighting.

One of the most memorable lines in the show is, “To all the ladies and gentlemen, and those who have yet to make up their minds.” I don’t think this show would have had such a broad appeal even ten years ago.Kinky Boots made me laugh and cry and clap with appreciation of the awesome cast and all those behind the scene whose talents made it such an foot stomping show. I love Broadway shows and I loved Kinky Boots.

2 thoughts on “Sex Is in the Heel

  1. Thanks for the great review and the link! Those boots remind me of the ones Tum Curry wore in “Rocky Horror Picture Show.” Curry said the minute he put on those boots how to portray the doctor was instantly clear. Is there nothing a great pair of shoes can’t do?


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