Khris Baxter Calls

Khris Baxter of Story Lab (a film development and finance company focusing on dramatic, character-driven narrative for film, Television, and new media) called us about a quick turn around movie script that he needed. Could we do something in 8-10 weeks? We’ve finished the first draft of the Santa Diaries movie script and have sent it off for some other people to read, so we said, why not. Ooops, we forgot to ask Margie Farmer, our new manager who is supposed to keep us focused, what she thought about this.

The enticing nut here is that if we can write something that gets attached to a movie it puts us one step closer to getting people to look at other scripts Laura has written, or scripts (such as The Santa Diaries) on which we have collaborated.

There’s research to be done for this new project and the books I ordered from Amazon came yesterday. I LOVE PRIME!

This coming Saturday we are going to a screen writing workshop with Dara Marks. Khris Baxter has brought her here from California for a one day event. We are really looking forward to this.

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