Order Out of Squirrel Chaos

I’ve blogged previously about how Laura and I suffer from what we call Squirrel Syndrome. We see a new writing project and get totally distracted, just like a squirrel digging holes in my yard looking for nuts.

amblerburt Squirrel Logo

In January we had lunch with a friend of mine from Towson,Maryland. I met Margie Farmer twenty years ago when she was the choir director at the Towson Unitarian Universalist Church. I loved her enthusiasm and energy and occasionally helped her with some of her vocal productions – not singing, but helping with logistics, ticket sales, etc. Margie handles musicians. Her business is Class Acts on Tour.

When Laura and I met Margie in Annapolis it was just me wanting to reconnect with a friend and share her with Laura. Little did we know that at the end of that meeting we would have found a manager with Margie in the role of keeping us from doing our squirrel thing and rushing after one more enticing nut.

“What do you want to focus on now,” she asked? Our answer was The Santa Diaries. We have four community theaters that have expressed interest in producing the play. Interest is not a produced play, however, but at this point interest is more than thrilling for us. Margie will make follow-up calls. Maybe one of those leads will be fruitful. She’ll help us with a joint website which has all of our stuff on it. Why did that never occur to us? When AmblerBurt.com is up and running I’ll let you know.

In the meantime we’ve begun writing the screenplay for The Santa Diaries. That’s always been part of the plan, but staying focused has been the issue. Hopefully, with Margie’s guidance, the nuts we go after now will come out of cans with a Planters label.

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