Life After Santa Diaries

I wrote this post two months ago, but had problems with WordPress. Then life intervened and somehow the post got lost in the shuffle. Anyway, here goes…

Life went on after The Santa Diaries. On the way home from the last performance on December 23rd a deer ran into the side of my car. I didn’t hit it; it hit me! Lots of damage to the driver side, but I was able to drive home where I had to crawl out the passenger side. Of course the next day was Christmas Eve so although I could contact my insurance company, the repair shop was closed. We took the car in on December 26th but the appraiser wasn’t in and then it was the weekend and then New Year’s Eve. You get the picture. Mullikins Body Shop said it would be ready January 14th. Yesterday (the 14th) they told me maybe on January 16th. I’m hoping.

I had not anticipated the let down of the play being over. Bang! It was gone! I should have thought about that and made some plans. Christmas helped. My husband and I had Christmas dinner with Laura and her family.Laura’s dinner was fabulous with lots of her family’s traditional dishes. I made the desserts — an apple pie and a Key Lime pie. The apple was not my best ever, but the Key Lime (Laura’s request) was amazing. In retrospect it was good to have some down time to recharge our batteries. We’d been working on adrenaline for awhile.

Now that life is settling back to normal, Laura and I are putting the play back the way we want it. The ending was changed by the Avalon at the very last gasp and we didn’t like the way the time line was altered or the dialog pulled from the movie Scrooged. Henley Moore took photos for us, but  we’re still waiting for those. Henley, where are you??? When we get them Laura will put together a trailer of the show using stills. We wanted to do some taping, but weren’t allowed by the Avalon. Not sure why.

Once the sales package is put together we will decide how we want to approach other community theaters about the play. I met Joy Staniforth at a recent networking gathering hosted by Mindie Burgoyne. Joy, who owns the Joie de Vivre Gallery in Cambridge is on the board of the Dorchester Center for the Arts and may have some contacts for us. Interestingly enough, Salisbury, Maryland has one of the oldest community theaters in the United States.

We will plan how we want to market the play and work on that. In between we will begin writing the Santa Diaries movie script which was always part of the plan. Writing the play got the story arc in place, but we can push the envelope in a movie script.

So, yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus and there is life after The Santa Diaries.

1 thought on “Life After Santa Diaries

  1. Mala and Laura. We so enjoyed the play. Best of luck with the movie script and thanks for keeping us posted. I love your writing style.


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