Rehobeth Independent Film Festival

The Festival  is over. Five days, fourteen films, and lots of popcorn later, we are inspired and exhausted. We saw some great films. Two of the most memorable were Come as You Are and Starbuck.

Two documentaries stood out. Vreeland which chronicled Diana Vreeland’s iconic style and contribution to fashion around the world, and The Invisible War which documents rape in the military. A congressional committee determined that rape was an occupational hazard. Really! Death, losing a limb, traumatic brain injury…those are occupantional hazzards of being in the military, but rape by a superior officer? And the only people you can complain to are often the people who are abusing you. Congress has been talking about this issue for years. Shame, shame, shame on congress for not doing something.

Because Laura and I write movie scripts, we critique the ones we think are flawed. Robot and Frank had a masterful performance by Frank Langella, but the script had some problems that great acting couldn’t overcome.

We go to the Festival with our spouses and other couples. We don’t schedule movies late at night because we go out to eat and discuss the movies we’ve seen during the day. The Buttery and a Touch of Italy (both in Lewes, DE) were two favorite dining spots this year.

The tent behind the movie theater is a gathering place and also had some good food. T-shirts with Laura’s mermaid poster on them almost sold out.


I was told that one person bought 25 tickets. That’s five movies a day for five days. We could hardly keep straight what we’d seen when we saw four in a day. Fourteen was enough, although I have a huge queue on Netflix of the movies we didn’t have time for.

Santa Diaries Poster Unveiled

We have been waiting for this. Finally the poster that Laura designed was approved by the Avalon higher-ups and has gone to the printer. The Dancing Santa is eye-catching. I am assured that posters will be available Monday, Nov 5. Avalon staff will scurry about town like Christmas elves so the poster will be in every window for next weekend’s Waterfowl Festival.

Laura and I ordered a large weatherproof version of the poster that will be hung at the Avalon (hopefully outside where it will be most visible) for Waterfowl when the streets are thronged with people. My husband was in Albrights Gun Shop last week. It is right next door to the Avalon Theatre and the guys at the gun shop told him that 20K people come to Waterfowl and “they all come in our store”. I hope the big poster is up outside the Avalon where everybody who goes to Albrights (for hand warmers?) can see it.

We want the play to be a huge success. All the money raised goes to the wonderful projects of The Avalon Foundation. We will do our best to get posters (11×17) into “off the main street” spots. If you know of any places that would post one, let us know.