Progress of the Play – October 4, 2012

Mala writes:

I was out of town for a week so Laura attended the rest of the casting sessions. Photos will be posted as soon as they can be transferred from her camera to my computer. In a community theater show like this pretty much everybody who shows up to audition gets a part. Some get lines. Some are walk ons. Some will be supporting actors and some have leading parts. Laura told me some adorable little bitty girls showed up. So we’ve figured out where we can put in some baby ballerinas in pink tights and tutus. But only for a brief appearance on the stage. Any longer and they’d steal the show.

Another meeting while I was away was prompted by the possibility that the title of the show would be changed. We sent in a bunch of suggestions, but felt strongly that The Santa Diaries built on the PR of the last year and a half for the book of the same name that we wrote as a fund raiser for Christmas in St. Michaels. Ultimately (at least at this moment) it seems the title remains The Santa Diaries.

We were asked for a log line to use in PR. Here’s what we came up with. Log line: When a successful and self-absorbed Hollywood actor is forced to return to his small hometown and direct the community holiday play, he rediscovers the joy of Christmas and learns to embrace his inner Santa.

Casting for the play will be announced on Sunday. We’ll be there. Laura was able to make suggestions last weekend, but final casting is in the hands of the capable Avalon staff. Takes us off the hook. People can gripe to them if they didn’t get the part they wanted.

Two days ago we were asked to write three new scenes to accommodate eleven additional people. Oh, and the new scenes are needed by Monday! We worked yesterday for five hours. Still more to do, but we will make the deadline (read on to find out how).

First read through is coming up next week. How long is this epic going to be? It will be interesting to see if we have to begin to cut scenes and chunks of dialog.

Saturday Laura and I go to Rehoboth Beach for a fund raiser cocktail party kicking off the Rehoboth Beach Film Festival. Laura’s artwork was chosen for this year’s Festival poster. She is one talented lady. I’ll post a picture once I get the file. Anyway, she got two complimentary tickets. Her husband is going to be out of town so she asked if I wanted to go. Said she would bring her laptop and we could work in the car. I’ll drive and she’ll keyboard. We are some multi-tasking ladies and will get those new scenes finished on time.

3 thoughts on “Progress of the Play – October 4, 2012

  1. Three new scenes for eleven new characters in less than a week!? Yikes! Exciting, but exhausting. You are right to expect cuts, probably not much during the first read through but those early rehearsals when they realize the play is now over three hours long? Well, it’s necessary, but not pretty. Still, when the cast is taking its bows to thunderous applause all the trial and tribulation will be more than worth it. SO excited for you and Laura!


  2. What about this for the log line? When a successful and self-absorbed Hollywood actor is forced to return to his small hometown and direct the community holiday play, will he rediscover the joy of Christmas and learn to embrace his inner Santa?


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