Auditions Begin: We Are the Santa Diaries

The Santa Diaries is about a small-town guy who has played Santa for years and really believes he has a calling. He wants his son to continue the tradition, but son Will left home to become a big Hollywood star. In the process, he lost touch with what’s real. The story arc is the son’s recognition of what’s he’s lost and what he wants for his future.

One of the lines in the play is “Welcome to community theater. We may not have a budget, but we more than make up for it with talent, creativity and enthusiasm.” Midway through last night’s first auditions for the Avalon’s Christmas play, I realized that Laura and I are the play. Would the Avalon do justice to our play, our baby? Could the local talent bring our vision to life? We have to rely on the local pool of talent, creativity and enthusiasm.

The first night’s auditions were a little chaotic. For starters, the auditorium keys got locked inside the auditorium. At 5:30 nobody had shown up to audition. exhausted Tim Weigand, Cece Davis and Liza Ledford were coming off a long Film Festival weekend and gamely plunging into a new project. But the first kid on stage was so good, we immediately felt better; and then another talented performer and another. The local talent really is amazing.

The folks auditioning were asked ot do a simple dance step, read some lines and sing. Most importantly Tim needed to see if they would take direction so they were asked to do a scene several different ways.






Laura, who has written three original songs for the show, worked with Tim and Cece showing them how the duet of “At Christmas I Believe” will work.







Some local dogs will have walk on parts. Will we have a dog audition?

When last night was over, we were relieved. It will all come together (we are humming “At Christmas I Believe” to ourselves). There are three more audition days and major parts will be cast by Sunday night.

P.S. Hearing parts of our script being read on stage was mind-blowing. Did we really write that funny line? People in the audience actually laughed! This is so different from the experience of publishing a book that people read. You never get to see their reactions. Of course, if somebody hates your book you don’t get to see that either unless they write a snarky review on Amazon or GoodReads. My neurotic side is wondering about seeing audience reactions at the performances. What if they don’t like it? I am working on getting that voice to just shut up.

3 thoughts on “Auditions Begin: We Are the Santa Diaries

  1. Fun! You know that a play is a writer’s dream. They can’t change one word without the writers permission….unlike books or movies…where they can change EVERY word without your permission.


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