Rewrites Can Be Fun – Really!

Last week we had another “notes” meeting at the Avalon Theatre. This time with Tim Weigand, who will direct our play, and Jessica Rogers, the General Manager. This was the first time Jessica had read the play and she had some fantastic suggestions including adding a couple of characters which meant a huge rewrite. She was almost apologetic, because she knew how much work would be involved, but her suggestion was terrific and something we wouldn’t have thought of. She also said we needed to add another 20 to 30 pages of script. (Remember there is lots of white space in plays and scripts so this didn’t make us pass out.)

We were thrilled with what happened when we put the two new characters in the play. It was like they were supposed to be there and the pages just piled up. In another week we’ll have that draft finished. It will go back to Tim, Jessica and Cece one more time for notes, but we know changes will be ongoing. Once the show is being blocked and we can hear actors on stage we’ll find out if there are pieces of dialog that just don’t work or parts that need to be clarified or expanded.

The next step will be a table read so we’ll get a sense of how long the play will be. Tim told us they’re already thinking about actors to fill the various roles, some of which are fairly demanding. Others characters have just a few lines and some are walk-ons. In community theater, when you’re doing a show as a fund raiser, you want as many people as possible on the stage. They all have parents, siblings and friends who will buy tickets and come to see them.

Oh, by the way, we still have the actor in a dog costume, but the pirate eye patch which seemed so hilarious one morning has now been eliminated. Arrrgh.

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