The Generosity of Writers

On June 23 I attended a seminar on indie publishing and how to market your indie published book. The speaker was Robert Bidinotto whose first novel achieved e-book star status when his book became a Wall Street Journal “Top 10” National Best Seller and the #1 Amazon Kindle best seller in the “Mysteries and Thriller” category. Robert is a terrific speaker and had lots of information to present, but what really impressed me was how generous this author is to other authors. Laura and I first heard him last winter when he gave a talk at the Kent County library. We spoke with him afterwards and arranged to meet him at Holly’s one morning. He’s a busy guy and he had taken the time to respond with specific suggestions to the questions we’d sent him. At the seminar he told us others had helped him and he was paying it forward.


That made me think of all the dedicated people who make the Eastern Shore Writers Association function, and the people who get behind the Bay to Ocean Writers Conference to make that event a success year after year. And not just the conference planners, but the presenters who come, sometimes from long distances, because they love helping writers. Trust me, they don’t come because of the honorarium.  I know how much they get!

We all become better at our craft because of the generosity of other writers. So, thank you, Robert Bidinotto, for reminding me again to pay it forward. If you want to read an engrossing thriller, check out Hunter: a Thriller.

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