Hanging Out Writing

I recently blogged about how and where people write. I said that when Laura and I work together we usually work at a table in my family room. When my back needs unkinking I can now hang upside down from my yoga sling. Here is the picture I promised. Confession: I don’t stay inverted for more than a couple of minutes and I am careful when I slowly come back up. Otherwise I’d topple right over. We wouldn’t get much done if we had to make a trip to the emergency room.


We got an email on Friday from Amazon Studios that a script rewrite proposal we submitted about a month ago had passed some sort of hurdle and they asked to see a completed script. Not the rewrite, but a sample script to show them what we could do. We finished three scripts last year so had one ready to go. Apparently the process is for them to solicit writing samples from a number of people and then decide who will be awarded the job of rewriting the script for which we submitted the proposal. It really would be a totally new script as the original had too many moving parts, not enough development of the characters to make some of them likeable, and action sequences that didn’t work for us. The original script was titled “My Facebook Friend Is Dead.” Intriguing. Our proposal was for a Romantic Loser Comedy.

In the meantime, while we wait to hear about that project, we are into Act 2 of the Christmas play we are doing for the Avalon Foundation. We love the creative piece so are having a great time. The formatting for a play is different from the formatting of a movie or tv script so that is something of a challenge. Staging is more limited and the budget for the production is…well, we don’t really know what the budget is, but we are operating on the assumption that it is miniscule. Working title: At Christmas I Believe.

2 thoughts on “Hanging Out Writing

  1. This picture is a hoot! You beat the treadmill desk crew for the most creative work + exercise concept hands down. And congrats on getting to the next level of the Amazon Studios project!


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