Why Is Paying the Check So Damn Hard?

This morning Laura and I had coffee with fellow writer, Linda Fritz Bell, at the Hangar Café at Easton Airport. We are all members of the Working Writers Forum in Easton, but like to get together occasionally to chat. We talk about our writing projects and progress or lack thereof. Linda has been very supportive of Laura and me and even hand delivered a script pitch about our YA book to a guy she barely knows who works in the movie industry. She never heard back from him, and neither did we, but it’s fantastic to have friends who will pimp for you.

And it was nice today to take the time to just sit, to take a break from our desks.

However, I wish I someone had filmed the final few minutes of our get together. The check came. Two coffees and a pot of tea for a grand total of $6.36. We agreed on the tip and divided the total by three. With me so far? This is not high level math. Then we opened our wallets and the trouble started. We couldn’t figure out how much cash each of us should lay on the table. It’s something that gets repeated over and over when I get together with women, and it’s just plain embarrassing.  Linda put three dollars on the table. I only had a five so needed two back. Laura took my five and gave me two dollars from her wallet. Wait a minute! That’s not right.  We did it again and again until finally we gave up. Probably way over tipped. But that didn’t matter. Our waitress kept filling the coffee cups and didn’t hurry us. And I actually had a scalding hot pot to put my Earl Gray teabag in so I was very happy.

I just don’t understand how real money can be so difficult. When Laura and I have a working lunch we pay by credit card and split it down the middle no matter what each of us has ordered. That works fine and we might have done that this morning except you just can’t divide $6.36 into three credit card payments. Even we wouldn’t do that – although it’s tempting.

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